Wednesday, October 14, 2009

14 October

I went to visit a psychiatrist today to see about prescriptions for depression. I've been taking Cymbalta and our inquiries in Peru told us that Cymbalta was not available in Peru. After checking with my doctor in the US., he strongly suggested I see someone here. As it turns out, Cymbalta is available, but only in one or two pharmacies in the Lima area. He gave me a prescription for the medication and we were off to the pharmacy. They did indeed have the Cymbalta, so I bought three months worth. With the purchase, I was also given a month and a half for free. The pharmacy also said they could send the medication to me in Nuro when I was ready to have refills. They also did not take the script for the medication. I asked Luis about this and he said the script would be good forever so to hang on to it. The pills were expensive; approximately $100 a month. The doctor charged me $30. for his consultation.

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