Thursday, July 9, 2009

On our way to the property, Georg told us the story of his uncle's demise. His uncle was killed in a car accident many years ago along the old Pan American Highway. As is common in Peru, a small memorial was built to mark the spot. This memorial looks like a miniature church with a large cross on top. As the story goes, the locals became very wary of the site as strange noises and whispering voices were reported during the evening and after dark. To this day, the spot is locally known as the German's corner and drivers avoid the spot. Drivers often refuse to drive by it at night; and if they do, they double their price.
After lunch with Georg, we went into Los Organos and met with the topographer (equivalent to a surveyor) who then adjusted the property lines to fit our plans. In the end we'll hopefully buy approximately 3775 square meters. After visiting with the topographer, we saw the lawyer who is going to draw up the basic contract of sale.
Since Monday is a holiday, we'll go to Talara Tuesday to open a bank account. We will then have money transferred to cover the purchase. Once the money is in this account, we will have the bank certify a check for the purchase price. Then both the buyer and the seller go to the notary, exchange papers and money and the deal is sealed. However, we still haven't settled on a price.

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