Wednesday, July 8, 2009

June 25
We woke up to an overcast day and a super calm ocean. It wasn't until midday that the sun broke through and burned off the clouds. We sat out by the pool most of the day; reading, kniitting, swimming, and relaxing. A tough life, I know.
We were surprised by a visit from our friend Carrie. She is a yoga instructor that has been at one of the resorts in Mancora for the last three months. She travels all over the world to various resorts where she stays free of charge, teaches yoga to the guests, and searches for waves to surf. Her next stop is to an island off the coast of Spain. Her husband is a coffee guru and travels all over the world for business. We have enjoyed listening to her stories of their adventures.
Georg arrived later in the afternoon. We visited a bit before dinner and then ate with him. He was born in Peru to a Peruvian mother and a German father. They attended school in Peru through secondary school, and then he, and his two brothers, were sent to Germany for University. All three brothers studied to become printing engineers and moved back to Peru where they are the only three printing engineers in Peru. It was while he was in Germany that he met his wife, Nathalie. Both Georg and his wife fluently speak four languages; Spanish, German, french and English. I suspect they both speak other languages as well. George had just returned from China; to which Peru exports many products.
After dinner we sat around a fire and talked while roasting marshmallows with three other guests. One couple live in Lima; she works for an airline and her husband owns a restaurant. The other gentleman works for Skanska and the oil companies here. We drank a traditional drink, an algorrobina, which is made from the fruit of the algorrobo tree.

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