Sunday, July 12, 2009

Almost as soon as we got there, the procession began. The lead boat carried musicians who played throughout, and towed a raft with a statue of St. Peter. Everyone else fell in behind and the parade went down the coast a bit and then looped back north before returning to the pier. Some people carried big bouquets of flowers that they set adrift in memory of family members, relatives, or friends that have lost their lives in the sea. These bouquets were placed in the water after their boat had circled St. Peter and a prayer said.

Once back on land we gathered in the central square for more festivities. Georg bought a case of beer to thank those who allowed us on board. We then met the chief of police for the entire area, the mayor of El Nuro and other dignitaries.

As we were sharing these beers, the festival organizers began some contests. Each participant paid so much and the winner took all.

The first contest was a foot race to the end of the pier and back.

The next was a drinking contest; the drinker stood on a cart and was to drink a liter bottle of beer while the cart was in motion. The winner was the person who drank the bottle without spilling a drop, or falling off the cart first.

There was a race for the women where they had to move a stack of bins from one of the square to the other one at a time.
When we left in the afternoon, they were playing musical chairs.
This evening we went into the resort town of Mancora to visit Carrie as she leaves for the states tomorrow. We ate dinner at Samana Chakra and were surprised to see Lupe serving dinner. I met Lupe a year and half ago when I stayed there with Mandy and her friend, Elena. We had a lot of fun with Lupe and thoroughly enjoyed seeing her again.
We later sat out on the beach with a group of Carrie's friends around a bon fire.

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