Friday, June 19, 2009

This past week we've made reservations to return to Peru and hopefully finalize the purchase of the property near Nuro. We'll leave early on Tuesday morning and arive in Piura early on Wednesday. We will then take a two and a half hour car ride over to the coast. It is a hugely long day of travel, but once we get there, we should be able to rest and relax.
This time we will be staying at El Refugio in Vichayito, which is owned by Georg, the owner of the property we are buying. This will give us plenty of time to pick Georg's brain about setting up solar power as he runs both his home and the resort solely by solar energy.
The property we are buying currently is bare land. There is electricity to the fishing village of Nuro about two miles away. There also is no water to the property. The water situation is not unusual as many don't have access to water other than what can be trucked in weekly and stored in cisterns. The property has been leveled. There are actually four separate plots for sale ranging in size from 300 -2000 square meters. We're thinking of buying all four plots; mostly just for the space. We've also been thinking about taking many of our woodworking tools and setting up a shop there. So, when I said we are starting over in Peru....we are truly starting from scratch!
Also this past week we visited with an international mover to get information on what the costs and procedures would be for the move. The estimate hasn't come in yet, but the basic process is accomplished by using a 20 or 40 foot container that is loaded at our home in Molalla, shipped to Lima, then driven north to the property and unloaded there. Door to door takes about 60 days.

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